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3 Great Reasons To Host Your Next Event In Orlando

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There are many great event centers to host your event in, but Orlando is currently the number one city for events and meetings. So if you need a place to host your next event, this could be the perfect spot. Orlando seems to naturally draw visitors in, but if you need a little nudge, here are three great reasons to make Orlando your number one choice as well.

1. Amazing Event Venues

Orlando isn't just a vacation spot. It's also home to some of the most amazing event venues in the country. If you need to stay close to the Convention Center, check out the Pointe Orlando where you can enjoy BB King's Blues Club or a piano jazz bar for your party of up to 1,500.

Want to get real adventurous? Check out the Orlando Eye, a famous landmark that can be seen from miles away in Cocoa Beach. Ride around the Eye in a capsule that holds up to 20 people and enjoy a 4-D movie, food, and champagne.

Also conveniently located near the Orange County Convention Center is the I-Drive Orlando 360. Your guests can enjoy food, entertainment, shopping, and an awesome view of the Orlando Eye. Madam Tussaud's and the Aquarium are both popular event spots, and the Orlando 360 even comes with their own catering outfit to meet your needs.

2. Awesome Weather

If you love warm weather and sunshine, you've got a good chance of getting plenty of warm rays in Orlando. The city averages 236 days of sunshine every year. And the coldest month is January, with an average high of 71 degrees. The amount of rainfall varies, but if you're looking for the driest month to visit, pick November for your event.

3. Great Attractions

Lakes: Whether you love to fish, boat, or just admire the water, you won't have to go far in Orlando. The city boasts more than 50 lakes, with Lake Conway being one of the largest at over 1,700 acres. Lake Eola, which was originally a giant sinkhole, has a sidewalk that circles the lake, and visitors can enjoy lovely views of Orlando's skyline as they walk, ride the paddle boats, take in an outdoor concert, or feed the swans.

Skate Park: If anyone in your event party likes to skate, you'll be happy to know that Orlando has a public skate park. They offer daily passes as well as rentals for helmets and skateboards, just in case anyone forgets to bring their own. The park features a low-impact street area, an 11-foot vertical wall, and bowls with a 6-9 foot drop.

Spacious Library: Whether you're a total nerd or just curious about fun library facts, you'll be fascinated that Orlando's public library is the one of the largest in the state. It's a grand total of 290,000 square feet, so if your event requires any kind of research, or if you're just feeling the need to escape to a really big but really quiet space, you'll be in luck. Also, the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation, and Creativity is housed on the 2nd floor, and they currently offer classes on game design and coding. And there's even an audio and video studio, just in case you need to do any editing before your event.

Wetlands: No Orlando visitor should leave without checking out the Orlando Wetlands Park. It's located in east Orange County, and visitors can enjoy more than 20 miles of trails that wind through the marshes and lakes. If you have a passion for endangered species, you'll have an opportunity to see more than 30 different species of wildlife that are currently listed on the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission's Threatened and Endangered Wildlife list.

Famous Cemetery: It may be a little outside of what's considered the norm, but if you have an appreciation for cemeteries and historical figures, you may want to visit the sprawling hundred-acre Greenwood Cemetery. They offer free moonlight tours where you can look at the graves of more than 100 notable figures of the past. Part of the cemetery contains a section of unmarked graves, and they include victims of lynchings that occurred by whites. After the Pulse nightclub shooting in the summer of 2016, the city of Orlando offered plots for all 49 victims, totally free of charge. If you go, be sure to wear good shoes because the tour itself covers around 4 miles.