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How To Make A Rented Condo Feel More Like "Home"

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Whether you're going on an extended vacation or business trip, or if you're in temporary housing due to a cross-country move, you'll want your rental home to be as comfortable as possible.If you're rented a condo on a short-term basis, there are several ways that you can make it feel more like "home" while you're in-between.

If your condo rental is fully or partially-furnished, you can still bring in your own items to give the space a warm, personal touch. You don't need to haul a lot of your belongings in to make a difference, as a few small details, such as a cozy blanket or two, a few family pictures or some favorite kitchen items can make a big difference. 

If money is tight but you still want to give the condo a more customized look, consider shopping at a second-hand store or local flea markets to find pieces that reflect your decor style. You can even rent furniture items and return them when your condo lease is done as another option.

Here are some ways to give a condo rental a personalized look and feel:

1. Textiles 

The easiest way to make any home feel like your own is with soft, decorative textiles. For instance, customize a boring couch by placing a throw blanket featuring a design you love, such as seashells or hearts, over the back of it. Complete the look with matching pillows.

If the rental provides sterile white towels, swap them out for ones in vibrant hues, such as yellow or red, that makes you happy. Opt for the most luxurious ones you can afford to give you comfort while away from home.

In the kitchen, bring or buy pot holders and dish towels with eye-catching rooster or fruit patterns, depending on your preference. 

2. Light Fixtures

Most light fixtures are easy to replace and can add instant interest to a room. Trade sterile-looking white wall sconces for brass or crystal ones, and replace them before you leave the rental. You can also easily update lamp shades to show off your personal style. 

You may even have to bring in your own table lamp to add warmth to a dark space, such as a living room or bedroom corner, which you can use as a reading nook.

3. Temporary Wallpaper 

Temporary wallpaper is designed to stick securely to walls and easily peel off with no residue. You can put patterned wallpaper up anywhere in the home to liven up boring neutral-hued walls. 

As another idea, brighten up with a child's room with whimsical wall decals in fun shapes such as sailboats, zoo animals or unicorns. 

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