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Quick Summer Vacation Ideas For Adults Working In Manhattan

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Many people look forward to the summer as a time when they can plan a vacation. However, one of the issues that people have to deal with is that they might not have a lot of time to take off from work. It's not like when you were in school and you had the whole summer off. When you are a working adult, you do not have the privilege of a solid block of two months off in order to travel the world at your leisure. You might not even have two weeks! However, that does not mean that you won't be able to have a fun time. Here, then, are a few ideas to consider for when you only have a long weekend to take a quick vacation. 

Lodging Upstate For Hiking and Camping

One fun idea to consider is to head upstate for camping and hiking. If you're not the type who wants to sleep outdoors in a tent, you can look for lodging near one of the large state parks. These lodging options might even include cabins and other rustic accommodations that will make it fun for people seeking a camping experience without having to actually sleep in the woods. There are state parks that are accessible via train (Metro North) from Manhattan. You can search for local lodging in the area that might include bed and breakfasts, cabins, or even resorts. For more lodging destination options, contact a company like Snowy Mountain Lodge.

Beach Vacation Without Having To Fly 

If you prefer the sea to the rustic countryside, then you have a lot of options besides taking a long flight overseas. What you can do is either choose a beach vacation on the Jersey shore or on Long Island. Both of these locales are close to Manhattan and you will get the benefit of a beautiful beach vacation without having to travel very far. You can hit one of the resorts on the Jersey shore where you can find lodging that has amenities such as in-ground pools, nice restaurants, and also bars and nightclubs. 

The South Shore of New Jersey has some amazing resorts to choose from, including seaside lodging where you will get to have a view of the ocean. You can also find lodging in Long Island that is perfect for beach and holiday trips as well. There are resorts that even combine fun events such as wine tasting tours at the local Long Island vineyards. This is something that you could do over a long weekend and still feel like you've had a nice vacation experience.