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5 Questions You Shouldn't Forget To Ask When You Rent A Cabin

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A weekend away at a cabin in the woods sounds like fun, and much of your planning will focus on where stores are so you can get supplies, what attractions are around, and so on. It's easy for some details to get lost in the mix, and that means you might forget to ask about certain conditions that can really affect how much fun you have. Create a list of questions for each resort you're considering, see what answers you can get off the website for each company, and then remember to call and ask about anything you can't find an answer for on your own.

Is the Cost a Flat Fee or Per-Person Rate?

Cabin rental fees are sometimes by person and sometimes by flat fee, with additional charges for people in addition to the cabin occupancy label. For example, a one-bedroom cabin with a queen bed, a sleeper sofa, and an option to add a cot for another person might charge a flat fee for up to three people and an additional fee for that fourth person. Or the cabin might be more like a traditional hotel room where the prices for one or two people differ slightly.

Are Pets Allowed, Which Types, and Are There Breed Restrictions?

Many cabins have pet-friendly policies -- to a point. Be prepared for resorts to have limited pet-friendly cabins, policies that allow dogs only (as cats can scratch up walls and furniture more than dogs can), breed restrictions, and more. Always ask about your specific pet. Note that therapy animals -- not just service animals but comfort animals as well -- may be subject to different restrictions.

What Is Pest Control Like?

Most cabins are in rural areas, so be prepared for wildlife and bugs. The cabins should have basic pest control service and cleaning, but you might still find bugs that are normal to the area getting inside. Check your shoes before putting them on, don't leave clothes on the floor, zip up your bags, and don't create piles of clutter.

Are There Fireplace Tutorials?

If the cabins have wood-burning fireplaces, will someone be able to show you how to start a fire if you have never used a fireplace before? It's very common for people who grew up in apartments to either not know how to use a fireplace or to be used to gas-powered fireplaces only. If you've never used a wood-burning fireplace before, for safety's sake, ask about how to get help learning.

Do the Cabins Have Safes for Valuables?

Cabins may seem isolated, but they aren't surrounded by force fields that keep everyone out. Ask about safes or other secure storage for valuables. Your time at the cabin should be relaxing, so get the questions out of the way and choose a place where you can spend quiet time enjoying nature without worrying about your belongings or any other issue.

For more information, contact a cabin rental company.