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Amenities To Look For When You'll Be Staying At An RV Resort For A While

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When you're only going to stay at an RV resort for a few days, you probably don't care very much what amenities they have to offer. You typically need the basics, and anything beyond that is an extra touch. However, when you plan on staying at an RV resort for longer — a few months or even a year — your needs will be different. Here are a few amenities you'll want to look for in an RV resort when you're planning a longer stay.

Laundry Facilities

Even if you have a small washer and dryer in your RV, you probably don't want to have to use it long-term to do all of your laundry. A resort with laundry facilities will make your life so much easier. You can wash full loads of clothes and towels rather than a couple of things at once, and your RV's gray water tank won't fill up anywhere near as quickly.

Community Gathering Places

You don't want to feel lonely when staying at an RV resort. However, that's exactly what can happen when you stay in the same place for months on end. Fortunately, a community gathering area can help ensure this is not an issue. Some RV resorts have nice fire pit areas where people get together. Others have bars or community centers where they host card games, bingo, and similar activities. Still, others have community pools that serve as gathering places, at least in the summer.

A Store

The best RV resorts have basic stores on-site so that you can grab essentials without having to leave the park. If you're driving your large RV and not bringing a car along, leaving can be quite a hassle, so having an on-site store is a real asset. You may still have to leave the park to go grocery shopping every couple of weeks, but you can purchase basics like bread and milk without leaving the resort.

A Restaurant

There may be nights when you don't feel like cooking in your RV. If the RV park has a basic restaurant on-site, you can let someone else prepare your meal for a change. At some parks, this restaurant is like a casual diner. At others, it's more upscale. Take a peek at the menu and see how you feel.

When you're planning a longer stay at an RV resort, it's really important to ensure it serves your needs. Any place with the amenities above is off to a great start. Contact an RV resort to learn more.